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Like all boats, Duffys run best when serviced properly.  Of course there aren’t extra things like oil changes, replacing fuel filters, etc, making the boat extremely easy to service.  The majority of the boats pictured above are part of our yearly “Duffy Care” maintenance & cleaning program (available in select areas only).  These get a full electrical/mechanical inspection along with a thorough cleaning, a nice polish & wax on the hull and a couple of fresh coats of bottom paint.  And that’s just done once a year when the boat is hauled out of the water (like the boats pictured above).  For the remainder of the year each month a team of certified Duffy Technicians stop by the boat and run all the checks possible.  Right behind them comes the cleaning crew who, every month, details your Duffy from top to bottom, along with a diver scraping the bottom (depending on the type of water you are on).  All of that is certainly not required, it just keeps your Duffy looking and running like new for years and years.   

One of the best things about an electric boat – simplicity.  The electric motor is the (depending on your model) one moving part inside the boat.  Of course the other main items required to run your Duffy are the controller (or “brains” of the boat”) and of course the charger.    We’ve made these plug and play so if anything ever went wrong, we simply sent you a new unit and days later just unplug the old part and replace it with the new part – it’s that easy!  

Please call our Service Department anytime with questions and one of our experienced technicians will do their best to help you with any issue you may be facing.  Or simply fill out the form on the Contact page and we’ll get right back to you.  


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