Duffy Electric Boat Rentals | Newport Beach

At Duffy Electric Boat Rentals, we provide boat rentals in Newport Beach, California. With our boat rental services, you can explore the stunning coastal waters of Southern California. And enjoy a unique experience on the open sea.

Our boat rentals include luxury boats, pontoons, and sailboats that can cater to groups of all sizes. From romantic sunset cruises to weekend fishing trips with friends, our boat rentals in Newport Beach are perfect for any occasion. We take care of all the details so you can relax and enjoy your time in the open waters.

We provide boat rentals at affordable prices, making it easy to enjoy the waters of Newport Beach. Book a boat rental with us today and discover why Duffy Boat Rentals is the premier boat rental service in Newport Beach!

A Great Way To Spend A Day Out On The Water For Someone Who Doesn’t Own A Boat

A great way to spend a day out on the water for someone who doesn’t own a boat is to rent one. Renting a boat is not only is it an affordable option. But you don’t need any specialized skills or knowledge to take advantage of the wonderful experience that awaits.

When you rent a boat, you are provided with all the necessary safety gear and instructions. To ensure your time out on the water is well spent and enjoyable. Renting a boat for a day is a fantastic experience that offers opportunities to explore, fish, and enjoy the sunshine.

Boats for rent usually have the latest model boats and equipment on hand. So it’s important to take some time to consider what kind of outing you are looking for that day – will you be fishing? Will you be cruising around an unfamiliar lake? Or will you be just enjoying an afternoon on the water with friends or family?

Once you decide what type of excursion you’re after, it’ll be easy to find the right boat for your needs. Rental boats are easy and affordable, so book your trip today and make amazing memories while cruising the open water!

Duffy Boats Offer The Best Electric Boat Rentals In Newport Beach

If you’re looking for the best electric boat rental experience in Newport Beach, look no further than Duffy Boats. They offer top-notch services in the heart of Newport Beach. In addition, their fleet of electric boats includes easy-to-maneuver electric vessels with all the modern amenities to make your cruise worry-free and enjoyable.

Thanks to their clean energy technology, you won’t have to worry about fuel costs or exhaust fumes as you enjoy a peaceful trip on the water. In addition, there is no boating license requirement, as the boats are easy to operate without much training. With impeccable customer service and competitive pricing, Duffy Boats offers an unbeatable electric boat rental experience in Newport Beach.

What To Expect On Our Electric Boat Rentals

boat rentals newport beach

Boat rentals are an excellent way to discover nature’s best sights and sounds. From fishing with friends to floating across peaceful waters, renting an electric boat can provide unforgettable memories. Our electric boat rentals come with various benefits, from comfort and affordability.

Here are the lists of what to expect on our electric boat rentals:

  • Can Accommodate Up To 10 People Per Boat
  • Easy To Reserve Online
  • Check-in Is Super Easy
  • Parking Is Available Onsite
  • An Easy To Follow Map Is Provided For The Water Route
  • Most well maintained Duffy
  • Built-In Bluetooth Speakers
  • Free Ice (Bring Your Own Cooler)
  • Duffy Electric Boats is a very kid-friendly environment

Our Boats

Duffy 21′ Sun Cruiser 

This open aft deck is perfect for basking in the sun and bringing your own snacks and drinks or pulling up dockside to one of the many waterfront restaurants in the harbor.

Duffy 21′ Old Bay

Our boats for rent are available in several sizes and are made with luxury amenities to make your trip memorable. Our electric vessels come with easy-to-follow maps, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and free ice for your refreshments. Whether you’re looking to take a romantic sunset cruise or a weekend fishing trip with friends, Duffy Boat Rentals in Newport Beach is the perfect way to enjoy a day out on the water for any occasion! So book your rental today, and let us make your experience unforgettable.

Live Your Luxury” Edition by Neiman Marcus

Duffy Newport Beach is thrilled to announce its exclusive collaboration with Neiman Marcus in an event uniquely tailored for the ultimate luxury experience. Guests can enjoy a 4-hour yacht cruise accompanied by their own private driver. All while indulging in delicious charcuterie featuring fresh meats, cheeses, and fruits.

Also included are three bottles of boutique-label champagne selected by the Neiman Marcus Sommelier, two reserved VIP parking spots, an assortment of sweet and savory snacks, as well as a fully stocked onboard fridge with sparkling soda and flat water – all served on board on a one-of-a-kind 22’ Sun Cruiser designed by Neiman Marcus!

This extraordinary experience will transform your day into a luxurious escape for $2250 per party of 6 people.

Reserve A Boat Rental In Newport Beach

Newport Beach is well-known for its boat scene, and whether you’re a pro or just starting out, it’s never been easier to get into the boat rental game. With Duffy Boats, you can reserve boat rentals in Newport Beach hassle-free. Duffy Boats is an electric boat company that started in 1970 and has become a staple of the local boat culture, giving visitors and locals access to all kinds of boat styles and sizes. Duffy Boats has something for everyone from luxury cruisers to island party boats.

You won’t find higher-quality rentals anywhere else, so reserve your Duffy boat now and enjoy the cool breeze of Newport Beach!

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