Boat Names

What’s in a name? Everything, for a Duffy boat.

Due to the elevated, one-of-a-kind nature of Duffy boats, their owners often choose to follow a very strategic naming convention for Duffy boats. To celebrate the unique nature of these beautiful watercraft, Duffy owners typically choose a name that reflects the electric features of their new boat.

Historically, these names were showcased on the billboard that Duffy owns on West Coast Highway. It became an unlikely competition for boat owners to create the best electrical pun they could, in order to earn a coveted spot on the billboard. The billboard featured names like Spoiled Wattin’, Out Sparkin’, and Nauti-buoys. Such memorable names are a true testament to the fun-loving nature of Duffy owners, and the pride that our owners take in the eco-friendly legacy of their new electric boats. 

Best of all, when you order your Duffy boat, you can customize the name. After you’ve finalized your name selection, it will be placed in a folder to ensure that no name is used twice and your custom boat remains just that, a design known unto no other.

Duffy electric boat owners around the world can show off their fun-loving personalities through creative boat names like the ones shown below.