About Duffy

How It All Began

When Marshall “Duffy” Duffield placed the motor from a secondhand golf cart into the hull of a beat-up motorboat more than 45 years ago, he never dreamed about the idea of launching the prototype for the Duffy boat. Now recognized worldwide as the finest electric-powered watercraft available, Duffy boats are built to your specifications, with the finest marine quality materials and your choice of seating and table configurations.

Design – Durability and Aesthetics


Designed to outmaneuver all other electric boats, Duffy electric boats are built and hand laminated for durability, as well as aesthetics, at our 5-acre facility in Adelanto, CA. Since all parts are created in our own factory, the craftsmanship built into every Duffy boat meets the highest quality control standards for withstanding the rigors of a saltwater environment. All cabinets and tables are custom crafted in our woodshop, using the finest solid, marine quality cherrywood, and only the highest quality canvas and foam is incorporated into each finished Duffy electric boat.

Easily Serviced, Reliable, and Warrantied

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Duffy boat “Plug and Play” technology makes all of our electric boat models the easiest to service in the market and the most reliable to operate. Any problems are more readily diagnosed and our superior parts are easily replaced or repaired. Our advanced DC motors (only one moving part) and composite weedless propellers are warrantied for life.

The Leader in Electric Boat Manufacturing


Widely recognized as the leader in electric boat manufacturing, Duffy Electric Boats is the official boat manufacturer for Disney’s California Adventure Park. Duffy boats are also used in corporate venues world-wide, including Marriott Hotels and the famed Nature Conservancy in Naples, Fla. We are also the vessel of choice for the environmentally stringent California Fish and Game Department for their exploration of sensitive marine life habitats.

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Duffy Electric Boat Facts

Over 3,500 Duffy Boats have been sold in Newport Harbor!