Back Bay 16

The Duffy Back Bay 16 is one of the smaller Duffy models we’ve ever built.  She’s perfect if your lake or waterway has a size restriction or a maximum length for your boat.  This boat includes all the same technology as our other models, including our Duffy Power Rudder.  Don’t let her shorter length fool you – the Back Bay has an amazing amount of interior space to fit plenty of friends and family onboard comfortably for a great cruise to remember. Also, check out our Bayshore 18.
D16-BackBay-2016-Interior-Small Back Bay 16


  • Length: 16′ – 5″
  • Beam: 7′ – 4″
  • Draft: 25″
  • Capacity: 8 Adults
  • Displacement: 2,100 lbs.
  • Top Speed: 5.2 MPH
  • Running Time:
    @Cruising Speed: 7.5 hours
    @Top Speed: 3.5 hours