Duffy Boats and John Wayne Tables in Newport Beach


April just wrote a great review after taking out a Duffy Boat in Newport Beach, she writes:

“If you are in the Newport Area you should take an afternoon and rent a Duffy  Boat!  Newport Harbor has 7 residential islands and over 10,000 private boats anchored in its waters. Duffy Boats make up 2,000 of them and are one of the most popular boats in the harbor. They are small electric boats perfect for a family’s outing or they are rented for special events like birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events or bridal showers.”

April, thanks for the great review!  We love Duffy Boats and are glad that you do too!  To read the full article click here.

Source: http://www.zipsetgo.com/duffy-boats-and-john-wayne-tables-newport-beach