Bruce & Becky


22 Cuddy CG - Funseeker

IMG_1274 Duffy Boats

1. Name
Bruce & Becky

2. Hometown
Newport Beach, CA

3. Duffy Model
22 Cuddy CG

4. Why a Duffy?
We purchased our new duffy because we had so much fun on our first one and wanted to upgrade and enjoy all the new features available, like our heated seats.

5. Favorite place/thing to do:
It’s so relaxing to be on the water and going to breakfast at 3 thirty 3 for breakfast burritos, the BBC for lunch on the patio, or a delicious dinner at the Cannery. We really enjoy getting a group of friends together and entertaining on the FUNSEEKER.

6. Duffy Pro tips?
Our only tip would be to get out on the bay, enjoy and share the fun in your Duffy as often as possible.