Most Useful Boat Buying Guide for Newbies

Do you want to buy a boat but don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed by the choices? Buying a boat can be filled with hidden traps and costs but luckily, it is easier and more affordable than many people think.

If you are looking to buy or even rent a boat, we have compiled a boat buying guide for newcomers below. Read on to find out about boat types, licenses, and even waterway etiquette.

Cuddy Cabin Interior

A Boat Buying Guide to Choosing the Right Boat

Several factors can impact the type of boat you wish to buy and the boat that is right for you. Once you have determined this, a budget becomes easy to set and shop for.

Firstly, consider how many people you will wish to host on the boat. Will it just be a small group of family and friends, or will you be having large parties and trips? Duffy boats have a variety of options from the nine person Back Bay 16′ up to the twelve seaters Cuddy Cabin.

Secondly, decide on where the boat will be kept. If you are storing the boat at a marina, the larger the boat means the more costs that will be incurred. If you choose to tow your boat, you will need an appropriately-sized vehicle to pull it. An expert advisor can give you rough ideas of the costs incurred for both. 

Finally, decide where the boat will be used. Waterways and shallow waters can be navigated using a lightweight boat with a small hull.

Deepwater and large or busy rivers may require a boat with a deeper hull. Electric boats are excellent for calm, relaxing trips on gentle waterways while hosting family and friends. 

Set a Budget

Boat ownership is cheaper than many people think, especially when weighed against the costs of many family activities and entertainment. Once you have decided how much you want to spend, you will need to factor in the following costs.

Your boat will need insurance. Many online companies can help with this and give quotes. You may also need to pay storage fees and mooring licenses, which you should also check in advance.

Keep in mind the cost of a trailer if you are towing. You will also need to purchase safety equipment such as life jackets and first aid supplies. Finally, put some money aside for your boating license if you do not already have it. 

New or Used?

Both new and used boats have their good and bad points. A new boat will always come with a warranty. It will cost you less in maintenance and will last longer.

A secondhand boat will allow your money to go further, letting you pick a bigger or more powerful boat for a fraction of the price. There are some great bargains to be had, but unless you know what you are looking for then ask an expert or stick to a new model. 

Check and Test Your Selected Boat

Cuddy Cabin Interior

Once you have found a boat that suits you, check it thoroughly. The fuel tank, electrical systems, steering, propellor engine, and bilge will all need checking. If in doubt, hire a marine surveyor to go over the boat with you, especially if it is a second-hand model. 

Electric boats are much easier to check over and have a slightly different system. A dedicated professional can go over this with you, making sure you spend your money wisely. Duffy boats also offer full parts and service center to keep your boat in top condition. 

Once you have found something to suit your taste, needs, and budget, take it for a test drive. Bear in mind that a vessel will handle differently on different waters, such as a choppy sea or a calm lake. It will also be very different depending on how many people are on board, so plan accordingly. 

Learn Boat Navigation and Acquire a License

Depending upon the state you are in, a boat license and the necessary documentation can vary. Luckily, many tests can be completed online. Registering your boat can be done in this way.

It may also help to read some guides on boating etiquette. Although not written in the law, it will help to have other mariners on your side with politeness and courtesy. Inexperienced captains should check these online regulations before beginning. 

Boat Rental

If you are still not sure about what you want from a boat, why not try a rental? This can give you an afternoon of fun and relaxation while trying before you buy. All Duffy boats come equipped with all-weather canopies, screens, bluetooth speakers and can seat up to twelve people. 

Why an Electric Boat?

An electric boat is a low noise, fuel-efficient alternative to heavy diesel chugging engine boats. They are often fitted for a leisurely, luxury way of traveling. They are ideal for families or those wanting to entertain on the water. 

Duffy boats were the first electric boats and are renowned for being the finest available. Since 1970 Duffy Boats have served the Newport Beach area with rentals and sales in high-quality electric boats.

If you found this boat buying guide helpful then visit the website today and see the fun that can be had when you come aboard a Duffy boat!