“I’m on my 4th Duffy Boat over the last 15 years, and it’s just enhanced our lifestyle tremendously. My whole family loves it, the kids love it, we use it for running around the bay, we can go eat on it, we can cocktail cruise on it, we can run over to the Yacht Club – pretty much do whatever we want, completely relaxed.”


“It’s a tremendous addition to a waterfront lifestyle. It’s just the way to go on the bay, or any still-waters. Tremendous cruising – would recommend everybody try one”.


“Fantastic reliable boat & more dependable than all my neighbors fuel-powered boats!”


“One word – Exceptional”.

Sean (Charter Captain)

This has been an incredible vessel, the performance has been flawless.  The customers constantly comment on how comfortable and spacious it is, the luxurious interior, no noise, smells or vibrations.  What more could one ask of a vessel?  


“I would have not thought it was possible, but I’m happier with my sweet Duffy 4 years later.  This baby yacht is still over the top fabulous, extremely simple, low maintenance and a consistently dependable, high performer for enjoyable backyard lake excursions or trips to the intercostal.”


“Owning a Duffy Boat puts PLEASURE back into boating.  Time spent in our Duffy is always relaxing and refreshing!  Stress melts away just hearing the waves and the wind.”


“It is my living room on the water with constantly changing scenery, fun and friends!”