Rental Opportunities

Start Your Own Fleet

Today we invite you to look at a new approach to profitability. You can turn your passion for electric boating into a lucrative commercial business of your own.

Many people who have purchased Duffy Electric Boats have taken the next step and purchased additional boats to start a commercial endeavor. Duffy Boats are perfect for a rental or tour operation, corporate team building events, fundraisers, weddings, birthday parties and scavenger hunts.

Duffy’s are fun and easy to drive, astonishingly quiet, and environmentally sensitive.

Imagine a fleet of Duffy’s cruising your harbor or waterways.

Below is an idea of what can be done with a Duffy commercial operation.

Newport Beach, California:

We have 18 rental boats

The boats rent for $85.00 per hour Monday – Thursday and $99.00 per hour Friday Saturday and Sunday.

We invite you to read how Duffy owners and industry experts are turning their Duffy’s into dollars!

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