How can going 5 mph be such a rush? – A note from Chris


We received this note and images from Chris about his first Duffy experience!

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How can going 5mph be such a rush?  This is a question I would have answered quite plainly 24 hours ago – it can’t.  This was until I had the opportunity to take a Duffy Boat out for the evening.

Here is a little history about me to put this story into perspective. I’ve owned a boat before; I used to live on a river in Virginia and spent most weekends wakeboarding, tubing, and cruising to various sand bars and restaurants.  I loved being on the water, but must say the one thing that really annoyed me was having to drive ever so slowly through no wake zones in marinas and certain restoration areas.

Now, let’s fast forward to last night.  The proposition:  go 5mph MAX through Newport Harbor to watch the sunset and look at Christmas lights.  This sounded like a nightmare, but being the good boyfriend that I am, we all loaded up and headed out.  The boat was gorgeous and much more comfortable than the speedboat I used to have.  I realized very quickly that this experience was not going to be anything like being on the river.  Quite frankly, the speed never became an issue because we had already arrived at our destination.  To clarify, the difference between cruising a Duffy Boat and riding in a speedboat is that the speedboat on the river acted as a taxi.  The boat was the vehicle to take us from point A to point B, from dock to the Sandbar. However, in the Duffy Boat we were already at our location; there was no rush to go anywhere.  A bottle of wine, some fresh smoked scallops, and a few other delicious things to nosh on and there was no other place we would rather be.

We putted along between 3-5 mph for the better part of three hours.  There were six of us total in an 18’ Duffy Boat with plenty of room to spare.  The time melted away as we watched the amazing sunset that painted the sky and harbor in an array of colors.  As the light from the sun dimmed, the Christmas lights began to brighten getting ready for the Newport Harbor Christmas Parade.

I, by nature, am very impatient and the thought of doing anything at 5mph makes me want to run the other way.  That being said, I don’t think I have had as much fun as I did with everyone that night as we just floated along and let life, the Harbor, and the season come to us.